Authentic Bengal Indigo

High Fashion Meets Fair Trade

Artisan Quality - Down To The Finest Details

Living Blue Handmade is the opposite of fast-fashion. We take pride in our slow, methodical approach and deliver each garment and home item with the greatest of care.

About Living Blue I love the groundbreaking idea of combining tradition and design in a social business - everyone wins! I fell in love with one of the scarves instantly - fine silky material, beautiful pattern and soft colours. What more can a woman ask for? :-)

Yasmin Smith-Urban geographer, Cologne, Germany

I absolutely love Living Blue! Their products are exceptional and unique in quality and are hand made in my country by underprivileged individuals. It gives a great pleasure to know that the dye used on the products is organic and the history of it goes such a long way.

Nahida Rahim-Academic Adviser at New York University, NY, USA

What I love most about the colour indigo blue and the project behind it that gives women the chance to practise their traditional crafts and stay in their home villages while earning a living. That’s fantastic.

Johanna Caroline-Social Worker, Berlin, Germany