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House Collections:

Starting in 2006, Living Blue began producing our house collections of quilts, stoles and scarves.

We take pride in our creative progression year after year, constantly re-working our signature textile items.

Each piece we create is a work of art, with the highest care taken in every step of dyeing, shibori and quilting. We work with Living Blue cultivated indigo and other natural dyes, and only use silk and cotton weaved by local artisans in Bangladesh.



Living Blue believes in working and growing together and learning from each other.  We are proud to tell the world about our heritage, textiles, high-craftsmanship and master artisans. Both our in-house collections and our collaborative projects are timeless, not made for a specific season or momentary trend.

Galeries Lafayette x Living Blue

Living Blue x Galeries Lafayette:

Living Blue partnered with the upmarket French department store Galeries Lafayette to launch an exclusive collection in three locations of their store in Paris, in March 2016. The collection highlighted the use of our indigo and shibori.


Living Blue x a. guery

Living Blue x Anais Guery: 

Anais Guery is a fashion designer from Paris, with a keen interest in indigo. We were excited to collaborate with her in 2016, as part of the her ‘Numero 4’ collection. She made a point of visiting our atelier to truly collaborate with our artisans and dyers. The collection was first showcased in the Designers Apartment Showroom of Paris Fashion Week in October 2016, of Fédération de la Haute Couture et de la Mode. It was also showcased in ‘Emergences’ in Paris in October 2016, and in Greenshowroom, an event of Berlin Fashion Week, in Berlin in January 2017.  In February of 2017 we were proud to have the collection showcased in the prestigious Maison d’Exceptions of Premiere Vision in Paris.

The collaboration with Anais Guery wonderfully highlighted indigo and contemporary use of our signature shibori and hand quilting.


Living Blue x Natascha von Hirschhausen

Living Blue x Natascha von Hirschhausen:

Berlin, Germany is a city focused on sustainability and green production. Natascha von Hirschhausen, a designer based in Berlin, visited our atelier in 2015 and was inspired to create a collection using the theme of ‘water’.  Collaborating with the Living Blue artisans, she was able to explore new and different natural dyes along with indigo and quilt work. The collection was launched in Greenshowroom in Berlin, in July 2017, then later on


living blue x leyli

Living Blue x Leyli:

The founder of Leyli, Fariba Salma Alam, is a Brooklyn, NYC based designer. Her visit to Living Blue in 2016 sparked the idea for a new collection and exciting new territory for Living Blue.

Our collaboration and developing partnership has already produced delectable neckties, scarves, pocket squares and a clothing range.

Charlotte Moss for Living Blue

Charlotte Moss for IBU by Living Blue:

IBU Movement is a highly respected boutique in Charleston, North Carolina, USA, opened by Susan Hull Walker. Living Blue is working on a unique collection with US designer Charlotte Moss for IBU, to be launched in late 2018. The collaboration will focus on classical pieces, with dyed and quilted items exclusively for IBU Movement.



Living Blue’s own collection as well as our collaborative pieces can be found in several boutique retailers around the world.



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